Management & Commercial Services

Young Stars Management and operations teams are available anytime to look after any requirements our clients might have. Help initiate, plan and execute projects on behalf of clients, from booking flights and hotels, purchasing or renting properties and cars, to organising weekly shopping for our clients allowing them to fully focus on playing football on the pitch while we handle everything off the pitch. We work with some of the best media and commercial agencies to give our clients the most exposure and the best commercial opportunities.

Talent Management

We spend considerable time on the development of our talents, we analyse our client’s strengths and weaknesses whilst identifying future opportunities and possible threats . This helps us work with our clients to establish and attain objectively achievable career goals. We organise training programmes for our clients with key milestones to help their further development. Our resources are used to create the required assistance for our clients to perform to the best of their ability at the right club and for commensurate reward.

Financial and Planned Lifestyle Management

Todays successful professional football career can be a source of generating significant income and wealth and it all happens within a short time in most football careers. A player without prior financial awareness can find this to be the source of considerable difficulties. We provide our clients with advise on the essentials of financial and lifestyle management. We ensure they are guided to receive the best wealth management and legal advice where necessary.